Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to make Wargame Banners

The Colors, a symbol of a units pride and heritage. They were used on the battlefield to rally and inspire. Many soldiers would rather die than see the enemy take them. It was ultimate shame for a unit to lose their colors. Therefore a great looking banner really adds a nice focal point to any miniature unit. It is also surprisingly easy to get a great looking banner without much hassle.

Starting point

I start with a template. This one came from a box of Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers. Both Perry and Victrix usually supply at least a couple of these. You can also get them from the internet with a little bit of searching. I then copy it and rescale if necessary. Either make larger or more often smaller to fit onto my color sergeant. Then I simply repaint over it. You would be remarkable surprised how much life and color this brings into the banner.

More richness in color

Then cut the banner out. I usually use an exacto knife. If the edges don't come out perfect, dont worry! The next step is to bring out an already painted suitable figure. Cut out a small piece of aluminum kitchen foil. Enough to cover a good chunk of the center of one side. This will add stability and durability. Then cover both sides very lightly with white glue. Place the aluminum foil down on either side and wrap the banner around the pole and press together. Now comes the fun part. You can shape the banner to make it appear caught in the wind. The aluminum foil really helps with this stage. Let it dry and when it has, repaint the white parts on the edges from cutting it out! And there you go.


Confederate Banner
British Battalion

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